Square Trivet (Labradorite)

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Inspiration  |  Communication  |   Protection  |  Grounding   |   Adventure

Click the Description below to read more on Labradorite’s healing properties. These Crystal Crush Platter’s are sleek at only 1cm thick; 50mm is glass and 50mm is crystal. This allows us to see the stunning fractures through the crystal as it becomes transparent when held to the light. Labradorite is a dark and moody stone mostly in shades of charcoal, grey and brown with stunning flashes of peacock glistening when the light hits the crystal at the right angle.

About Crystal Crush Platters

The Crystal Crush Platter range is perfect for use in decorating the home and workspace. They can be used to showcase home items such as candles, makeup and toiletries, vases, flowers, jewelry and other tid bits. You can even serve food and cheese on the glass side!

The trays can be used to charge other crystals. To prepare crystals for use we go through 3 steps: Cleanse, Charge and Activate. Instead of charging your crystal under a full moon or in the sun simply place your crystals on your Crush tray. Plus they’ll look incredible and be raring to go filling the home with a beautiful positive energy.





Packaging and Energy Card

Each Stoned Crystal Platter comes beautifully boxed with its own unique energy card.

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Square Trivet (Labradorite)
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