Timing your burn for your candles is extremely important!
Make sure your first burn is at least 3 hours to ensure the candle burns all the way around and does not tunnel.

Trim your wick to 5mm before each use
This will ensure you get a steady flame, even burn and to limit sooting / mushrooming of wick. This can be done using wick trimmers that are available to purchase from Burn Baby Burn Candle Co.
Our Wick Trimmers have stunning Matte Black finish and will trim and catch your candles residue keeping your candles clean, helping them to last longer and also have a smoother burn.
When putting your candle out, it is best not to blow it out as this will create black soot around your candle.
You can use a candle snuffer or wick dipper for easy extinguishing of your candles.
Candle Snuffer: our Candle Snuffer can extinguish flames on any angle, dangling in any direction making it possible to put out any candle. - currently un-available.
Wick Dipper: Use wick dipper to extinguish candles and prevent the wick from smoking. Eliminates wick smouldering and adds fuel to the wick for re-lighting.
- Dip wick into wax and simply re-lift again with the wick dipper. - currently un-available.
  • Place your candle on a heat resistant surface and keep away from pets and children.
  • Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Keep your candle directly out of sunlight to maintain the candles original look.
  • You may return your candle for a refill at a discount price, please contact us at to arrange this.

Last step: Sit back and relax; fill your house with our delicious fragrances and enjoy your candles!
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